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Cartifact Labs is a new effort within Cartifact, Inc. with its mission: to identify, explore, and provide expertise in emerging technologies related to the creation and use of maps. Our mapping scope includes work in 3D environments, work with remote sensing imagery, online platforms, and cartographic software development.

As Cartifact Labs pursues its mission in the areas of mapping, software and project development, our outward offerings are multi-faceted, providing leadership, consultancy, partnership, training, mentoring, and subcontract design. Labs involvement can be seen in the redesign of maps for 2 major online mapping portals; the development of Cartifactory–one step software allowing cartographers to define a geographic area and create a fully styled map ready for final adjustment; the development of the unique lens tool for Cartifact Maps; presentations at Where 2.0, VizThink and other forums.

Expect to see Cartifact Labs at the leading edge of mapping innovation and community–at industry conferences, partnering with major technology providers, and developing our unique style and product